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Project: Uakii Wilderness Safaris

Gobabis, Namibia

Local Namibian entrepreneur Peter-Hain Kazapua started Uakii Wilderness Safaris in 2004, but his journey in the Namibian tourism industry started long before this. Peter-Hain worked for one of the biggest tourism companies (Wilderness Safaris) in Southern Africa, where he gained invaluable experience and knowledge. He also was involved at the NACOBTA (Namibia Community Based Tourism Association), where he earned valuable insight into managing community-based tourism projects.

Uakii Wilderness Safaris operates a unique series of cultural experiences and community-based tours in the Omaheke region of Namibia.

Why Uakii Wilderness Safaris?

Sustainable & cultural heritage tourism in Namibia

Support Local communities
Makes a positive contribution to the socio-economic and environmental well-being of host communities in rural Namibia.

Build engagement
Our tours are interactive experiences allowing both guests and hosts to engage and learn from each other.

Support the economy
Every dollar spent on our tours stays in Namibia. The local communities, businesses all benefit directly from your holiday.

Unique and cultural, community-based and educational guided tours of the Kalahari San (Bushmen), OvaHerero, Batswana and Nama-Damara communities

Cultural & Community tourism in Namibia
Uakii Wilderness Safaris is a 100% Namibian owned ecotourism safari company that operates a unique cultural experience and community-based tours. We strongly believe in building bridges across cultures and transcending cultural barriers in a non-intrusive and respectful manner by upholding the integrity and celebrating the uniqueness of all human beings. Let us guide you in meeting, interacting and learning about Namibia.

We offer a range of cultural and community-based safaris that allow genuine interaction with communities in Namibia while allowing our guests to give back to these vulnerable and marginalised communities.


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