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!Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

!Khwa ttu San Heritage Centre

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Visit !Khwa ttu an award winning San Heritage Centre, the only Heritage Centre in the world dedicated to the San.

Spend a full day and meet the San guides to tell their story, in their own words. This story is one that few people know, but it is one that everyone will recognise.

Drive on an open vehicle past herds of eland, zebra and springbok, continue by foot through unspoiled fynbos to a replica village for a compelling insight into the traditional lifestyle and ancient survival skills of the San.

Walk with San guides through the fynbos gardens. The tour includes a memorable home brew indigenous tea ceremony and learning about unique healing qualities of indigenous plants. Story telling in one or more of the click-punctuated San languages, is an unforgettable part of the tour.

The guided tour in the new thee building Heritage Centre is a must see! The exhibition and guided experience engage body and senses  as much as the mind. They demonstrate the skills and knowledge of the San tell a fascinating story of the origins of modern man on the southern African coastline.

With the departure of the last of the day visitors, peace reclaims the land along with the zebra, eland, springbok, and night hares. There is something magical about waking up at !Khwa ttu. It should not be missed. Our accommodation ranges from simple and elegant farm cottages, to basic tents with open air showers and a communal boma. Here you may find yourself staying up all night, chatting beneath starlight, making friends who last a lifetime.


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