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Project: Adanwomase Kente Cloth & Ecotourism Centre Ghana

Project: Adanwomase Kente Cloth & Ecotourism Centre Ghana


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The home of quality Kente Cloth and Friendly Cultural Tourism  

Adanwomase is excited to promote their culture by broadcasting the beautiful art of hand-woven kente to the entire world. They are delighted to share the history of this detailed craft. All of their tour guides are well-experienced and have been dedicated to sharing the history of this technical craft for several years.

Although there are some disagreements regarding exactly where kente originated from, Adanwomase remains the perfect village to visit to see kente weaving because the community have been trained in hospitality. That means as a visitor you will never be bombarded, asked to tip, or forcefully sold items – you can really be at peace and simply enjoy your trip. There are big plans in the works for Adanwomase Kente Cloth & Tourism Centre, so it is best to visit while it remains a hidden gem in Ghana! In addition to kente, tourists can take a short walk to see our cocoa farm so that they can gain a better knowledge on the origin of their favourite chocolate!

Adanwomase has a kente museum detailing the history of kente and what the various signs and symbols mean as well as the opportunity to be dressed in kente like a local King or Queen. There is also the chance to view the kente weavers at work. Tourists have the opportunity to go to the cocoa farm and taste cacao in its purest form before it is made into chocolate. Tourists can also have a traditional naming ceremony at the Kings place – this is particularly popular with African American tourists. The ceremony involves pouring of libation, blessings and ends with drumming and dancing.

Our project operates all year round from 6am to 6pm, to find out more or book your tour please click HERE.


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