Agritourism Projects
We are excited to share the launch of our Agritourism Projects with you.

We look forward to this new adventure and the opportunity to showcase these interesting projects we consult on, throughout Africa!

Please note that while we are passionate about these projects, we can not provide any funding.  Any individuals requiring funding should contact SEEZA.


Our purpose is to empower people along the value chain of agriculture (and healthy nutrition). We are now 7 years active in rural Tanzania, working with different layers of society, educating people about healthy nutrition, sustainable farming and making some extra money with the local indigenous plants.

Scents of Namibia – Opuwo Processing Facility – Namibia

The Kunene Conservancies Indigenous Natural Products Trust (KCINP Trust) was founded in 2012 and is registered in Namibia as such with the Master of the High Court. The Kunene Conservancy Indigenous Natural Products Trust are the legal owners of the Scents of Namibia brand, the Opuwo Processing Facility where the essential oils are produced and the visitors centre.

BucketList Tours And Travel

Isaac Nduhukire lives in Kampala, Uganda. He is a passionate young Wildlife Conservationist, Cultural & Safari Guide, Animal Activist, Animal Advocate, Storyteller and “Voice Of the Animals”. His focus is on guiding tour groups and/or individuals to meet community members and to see the numerous wild animal, particularly the mountain gorillas.

Inanda Heritage Route

The Inanda Heritage Route explores the often overlooked area on Inanda, north of Durban. Despite its apparent obscurity, this region has historical roots that run deep, as a place that experienced first-hand the injustices of apartheid, was the home of passive resistance and became an icon of the freedom struggle.

Kwanda Voluntourism

Kwanda is a unique and innovative registered social enterprise business, focused on voluntourism as a means of raising funds and providing other forms of assistance to expand the delivery of community development projects in rural Eastern Cape.We match volunteers to projects. Placed into initiatives within high-need communities in the Eastern Cape, international volunteers have an opportunity to connect with communities in the rural villages around East London in the Eastern Cape and make a real difference – working together, learning from one another, transferring skills to empower people. We believe that, after the program, volunteers will go home inspired, with a new awareness of what shapes everyday life, and a vision to make a difference.

Justice Tourism Foundation

Justice Tourism Foundation (JTF) is a not-for-profit a grassroots heart-centered innovative social impact travel organization focusing on socially responsible slow travel as a way to connect travelers with the indigenous communities with the aim of promoting the local economy and to uplift wellbeing of host communities in Uganda through creation of sustainable livelihoods opportunities in support of many United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). 

Uakii Wilderness Safaris

Uakii Wilderness Safaris operates a unique series of cultural experiences and community-based tours in the Omaheke region of Namibia.

Jado Tours and Safaris

Jado Tours and Safaris turn our clients travel dreams into reality and create personalised itineraries that include different tourist attractions within Rwanda and neighbouring countries.

Lanyula Sustainable Rural Project

Lanyula Sustainable Rural Project is going to be unique in so many ways and can be a model for other villages in Zimbabwe.